I Saw God

I received a word from God this past week from two different women. The first was a stranger who bravely shared her testimony via Zoom all the way from Florida to us in our sanctuary in Summertown Baptist Church in southeast Georgia. The other was from a friend who has the gift of tongues. God … Continue reading I Saw God

Only One

God is the only One who can take the pain that trickled down my face the last two days and make them a cascade of joy after meeting with Him early Saturday morning. Oh how I love Jesus! Thank You, Father, for you make it all -alright!

What I have Learned

I have learned that Jesus is the only One who can satisfy every longing of my soul. No person can do this. No experience of this world can fulfill except being in the presence of God—the filling of His Holy Spirit. This is a peace that will never end. No thing in this world can … Continue reading What I have Learned


It has been a little over 7 years since the phone call came from one of the the kindest, smartest gentlemen I know telling me that my daughter had cancer. God has drenched us with His faithfulness, love and mercy from the very beginning whether she was sick in the back seat from her first … Continue reading HE IS ALWAYS FAITHFUL

Mama’s Red Lipstick

She was ready and said, “Hand me my lipstick.” Seriously, Mama? Lipstick now? “”Yes, the preacher is here.” Mama went to be with Jesus a few hours later. She actually bled to death after being punctured internally during a routine medical procedure. Now, when I tell you that Mama loved her some red lipstick, I … Continue reading Mama’s Red Lipstick

Childhood Cancer Month

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. We thank God everyday for Ansley’s healing! It was a true miracle as her chemotherapy, itself, truly almost took her from us on more than one occasion. We are truly blessed that she has very few limitations due to bone cancer and the chemotherapy she received. Ansley is a … Continue reading Childhood Cancer Month

The ‘goodie’

This hit home! My daughter found an envelope last Sunday. She handed it to me. I rolled my eyes and put it in my Bible. This morning as I was cleaning, I found that the envelope had fallen out of my Bible and under the couch. It hit me yet again but harder today. AM … Continue reading The ‘goodie’


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