Good Gracious!! GRACE!!

Do I compare myself? I was asked this question today and at 49 years old, I thought I had finally beat the comparison trap! Wrong!

Yes! I do! I am a clean freak, and I want my home perfect, but my home is here to serve me. I am not here to serve my home and striving to make it look perfect takes my time from possibly for God’s best for me. Not to mention I am trying to embrace my middle age spread because it does not seem to be going anywhere. But how come the other middle age ladies look so slim and put together? 🫣 In short, nothing will be perfect on this side of Heaven, so my time shall be spent loving and serving well and resisting the comparison trap of the enemy.

Chen (grace) in Greek means favor-to bend and stoop in kindness. The God of the universe shows me this type of favor and love. His grace-He lavishly bestows upon me and you. So why are we so hard on ourselves? And goodness gracious why the comparison? I am truly asking myself.

Honestly, friends I have put off writing in this blog for several months because I cannot get it “perfect.” I cannot make it all say what my heart so vehemently feels. Well, no more. I will share my heart here for my Jesus. My motive is truly to honor Him. I pray in some small way you will blessed.

I want to choose to use my time well. I want my motives to be for God’s glory. I want the works He allows me to do on this side of glory to make it through the fire. No one but God knows my thoughts and motives. I pray they are a pleasing aroma to Him.

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