I Want to be the Overflow of God’s Love

Circumstances….. As I sit here, I am extremely blessed. This I know, for I could live in third world poverty or have lost my health or a myriad of a million other tragedies, but because I Know God, and God knows me…. every part of me down to the number of hairs on my head I KNOW I am loved by the only ONE who can fulfill me.

What love is this? My pastor said today that we really don’t understand the kind of love God has for us. I watch my children and grandchildren and literally feel my heart walking outside of my body, but I still cannot fathom this love because God loves them even more than I do, and they completely belong to Him.

My Savior was beaten, mocked, and spit upon for me and you. He could have stopped His circumstance at any moment. But then we could not spend eternity in Heaven because God cannot look upon sin. A price had to be paid.

I want my life to be an overflow of this kind of love. May I never hold another grudge. May I always give a helping hand.

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