My King is Coming to Rescue Me

Only God can satisfy me because when He created man, He placed Him in the Good and Perfect Garden of Eden. Therefore, my heart longs to be in the Garden of Eden. I praise God that He is coming back to stay here where He will let me rule with Him! Me? Rule with Him? This is true, and it is important to go to the truth and not to my heart because the Truth tells me that my heart is deceitful. The beautiful picture painted in Genesis shows me that God created me for a glorious and beautiful relationship with Him. Adam and Eve were with him-naked and unashamed. So what happened?

Eve entertained a conversation with a deceptive and conniving serpent who tempted her to look to a tree for what was wise and true. She already lived with the wise and true One. What if she had just run to the Father (I like to call Him-Daddy.) and asked, “Now what did You say, ‘Daddy,’ about this tree?” I think we would still be Eden, not cast out of it! No, we who believe and trust in Christ would still be living in what our soul aches for, perfection, but now we live on Earth and strive for a perfection that is and will always be out of our grasp until He restores this perfect Kingdom on Earth.

What is joy, friend? I believe that joy can only be found in God and is spiritual intimacy with God. Therefore, only in God will we ever find true joy. This is not my opinion but God’s sovereign and true Word-The Truth! God was not punishing Adam and Eve by telling them not to eat of the Tree of Good and Evil. He was PROTECTING them because He did not create us to carry the heavy weight of knowing evil.

As a result of looking to some THING rather than God for knowledge, Adam and Eve were cast out of perfection, and that is where we live now-between two perfect worlds, and in case we have not noticed-IT IS FAR FROM PERFECT HERE AND WILL NOT BE UNTIL THE TRUE AND REAL KING COMES BACK FROM HIS THRONE IN HEAVEN.

I don’t know the date or the hour as to when God will establish His everlasting Kingdom here on Earth, but I do know that His Kingdom will never pass away and will never be destroyed, and we who have truly made Him Lord and Savior of our lives will rule with Him.

Time marches on, and God’s Kingdom will crush any and all kingdoms that man strives so hard to establish. I know that my Father’s Kingdom will be here on Earth and will be an everlasting kingdom that will never be destroyed like those set up by man such as Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece, and Rome. Striving to rule without Christ will never work. It will be defeated. All that will last are the righteous deeds of the Saints.

Let me assure you that Biden and Trump, Democrat and Republican have nothing on when the meek will inherit the Earth and rule forever with Jesus in Perfection-the way God intended it. He will come. He will restore His Kingdom. Earth will be handed over to the saints to rule with Him forever and ever.

I have hope today. I have joy today! I know that the curse that began in the garden with Adam and Eve will be obliviated. Nothing will compete with our worship in this New Kingdom. Jesus is coming back for His Bride. Let us then make ourselves ready by serving Him, not the world, daily.

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