But God

One day under the rule of King Ahaz of Jerusalem, who “did not do what was pleasing in the sight of the Lord,” (2 Chronicles 28), God allowed the king of Aram to defeat Ahaz and “exile large numbers of his people to Damascus.” To add to that, “in a single day Pekah son of Remaliah, Israel’s king, killed 120,000 of Judah’s troops, all of them experienced warriors, because they had abandoned the Lord.” The story in 2 Chronicles 28 goes on to say that Israel’s army captured 200,000 women and children and “seized tremendous amounts of plunder” to take back to Samaria.

Now I would think these women and children are about to experience some terrible times because they were captured for slaves, BUT GOD intervened.

God told the prophet Obed to tell the soldiers as they were coming back victorious because God was angry with Judah and gave them over to them for victory but that they had now “gone too far, killing them without mercy….and now you are planning to make slaves of these people..” God warned them to set them free!

And set free they did! They didn’t just let them go, but clothed their naked bodies, gave them shoes, food and water, and healing balm for their wounds and sores. They also put the weak on donkeys and took them back to their relatives in Jericho! Can you imagine what was going through the captives’ mind? Their relatives’ minds?

Then, suddenly GOD changed their situation. He can and will change ours, too!! God expects and deserves reverent obedience. BUT GOD has given me a completely different situation and eternal life in Heaven instead of Hell. I thank Him for setting me free.

“Draw near to God, and He will draw near to you.” James 4:8

There can possibly be no one any more lost in her sins than I was. (Yes, I am still a work in progress and thankful for God’s daily conviction.)

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